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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Little Surprise!!

The other day in this post, I wrote some instructions for my 4-to-9 block. I had one name picked out but wasn’t sure which layout I preferred for that name. Gene left a comment saying that he really liked the first layout best because of its symmetry. Tracy said the second block was her favorite and that it looked like little people hugging each other. So true, I had not even noticed it!!

So here they are -

Sliding Number Puzzle



Quilt Fulla Hugs!


Now that these two patterns are OFFICIALLY named I want to thank both Gene and Tracy for helping with the process. But I cannot leave out Pat! Thank you Pat for being the first to comment on the original post and for sending Gene over to have a look.

Now if the three of you would please, please, please send me your snail-mail addies, I would like to send a little gift out to each of you!!

Be blessed!!


  1. Thanks Kelly, I sent off an email to you.

  2. You are so sweet. I will send you an email now. I love that someone managed to give us an idea for a "disappearing" 4-patch now. When I saw that, I contacted Gene as I knew he'd love it. Somehow I didn't see blogs when you were asking for names....but I like the other name chosen, too (in addition to Sliding Number PUzzle).