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Monday, April 12, 2010

I’ve Done it…Just Because

Doing something nice just because you want to will give you a wonderful feeling inside. Now I don’t mean the kind of wonderful feeling that comes from hearing thank you from the receiver of the gift. And I don’t mean the kind of nice that gets other people saying “Wow, she’s so nice”. That kind of nice can easily turn into being nice for the sake of what you get back from others in return for your niceness.

The kind of nice I’m talking about is when you do something for someone who can or will never say thank you. There is a certain sense of well-being and of doing the right thing that comes with it.

There are so many opportunities to just be nice.

So here is my thought: Do something nice…just because…not because you have to…not because it is expected…not to get anything in return…JUST BECAUSE!

But here is the trick: NO ONE can find out it was you!! You must remain anonymous. You must not be seen. You must bless another without any possibility of return.

Go on…I challenge you!! And when you’ve done it will you come back and tell me? Not the details…just tell me you did it! You cannot imagine how good it feels!!

I’ve done it.

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